Miss Matay hails from the pastel-colored paradise of Lisbon, Portugal. With a mother from Angola and a father from Guinea Bissau, diversity is instilled in her ethnic background & culture. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in communications from the Universidad de Aveiro, Portugal.

Miss Matay is fluent not only in Portuguese, but also French, Spanish and English. Her wanderlust has guided her to set foot on three different continents. There’s nothing to stop her from going even further. She’s called France, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, the U.K. and now the USA her home. It’s no wonder why fashion has become a big part of her life. She’s been blessed to have extensively explored some of the world’s trendiest cities.

Now, she’s conquering New York City. Miss Matay strives to provide a unique insight into all aspects of this city of dreams.  Enjoy her own fierce fashion trends and that of NYC’s hottest fashion trailblazers, along with everything and anything that makes up this magical metropolis, all in one place. 

What’s next for Miss Matay? Who knows; I guess we’ll just have to tune in !!